Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Images are everywhere

Did you ever lay on your back and stare up at the clouds as a child? Watching as they transformed into shapes and images. I find myself constantly looking up for guidance. And sometimes the answers to our questions are right before our eyes. Images are everywhere. The clouds, the shadows, the texture on the wall. In this case, the image was found as result of the strobe lights on a DJ booth. A white hat sat on a table about five feet away from me. As the lights danced upon it, I noticed the indication of text on the entire surface of the hat. In the meanwhile, a face began to emerge from the folds of the material. And it was suddenly transformed from a hat to a skull. The text resembled a paisley pattern, and it all reminded me of the calaveras we decorate for El Dia De Los Muertos. The whole thing was mesmerizing. I wanted to record this somehow, but was afraid it would lose its mystery if I went to investigate. So I sat and watched. Until finally, the police came to break up the party. Reality set in as the overhead lights powered on. And the skull returned to being a hat again. All was not lost.


  1. Party was great. Thank you for sharing your image with me . I would not have seen it had you not directed me to it. You are a great artist!

  2. You go to some tough parties man.