Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Repetition of Symbols

There are many artists that utilize their sketchbooks to record their main focus or study. What the viewer may find when looking through the book is a repetition of symbols and lines. One artist that comes to mind is Joaquin Torres-Garcia. His entire art career was centered on the development of symbols to be understood by viewers of all cultures. I too find myself repeating this same pattern in my work. The symbols become an obsession as I continually work and rework them. In this case I am revisiting the image of the Sacred Heart. Found in Roman-Catholic imagery, the Sacred Heart is also apparent in the work of many Chicano Artists. I find it to be a powerful image having multiple meanings. It is also a comforting image for me symbolizing an everlasting love, compassion, and the sacrifice made for all mankind.
The current idea is to place the Sacred Heart in a nicho. A nicho, or niche is like a small altar that contains images and/or objects of value and not necessarily idols. For contemporary culture, the nicho can be like a shadow box. I am thinking of using cardboard or wood for the walls, and maybe sculpt the heart from clay. Although it's current state is black and white, I foresee a lot of color to bring life to the piece. The graphic lines bursting from behind the heart shine like the sun and will lead the viewer's gaze to the central focal point.

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